HOW CEOs Should Impact Their Communities

November 16, 2016

CEOs play an important part in their communities. By exuding a high level of caring for their business and the impact it has on the community, CEOs can impact their employees lives and inspire them to make their own positive impact in the community.

 Ways to Impact your Community:


  • Make it genuine 
    • Choose something close to your heart
  • Time
    • Look for ways your company can get involved / pull other organizations in to get involved in your business
    • Have an affinity group in the company focused on Community involvement
    • Match volunteers hours to a non-profit for employees to volunteer 


  • Monetary Involvement
    • Add community involvement into the budget
    • Match 1:1 of employee donations to a special cause
    • Support local businesses first
  • Presence / Involvement
    • Every time you attend an event, leave with one connection that will enhance community relations
    • Make Community a part of your culture & values
    • Allow non-profit organizations to come in and speak to the staff to spread awareness
    • Allow your employees to participate on a Non-Profit Board



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