Angela Tabb

March 6, 2023

Owner Tavani Salon, Author

I have owned my Business in our Community for over 10 years. I have a team of 28, and my husband has come alongside me to help me reach my dreams.  I am an Author and a creator of an All-Natural skincare and hair care product line with my dad.  I love encouraging others to achieve their fullest potential.  Watching my team members succeed brings joy to my life. I wear a smile way more than a frown, I have learned not to sweat the small things. I am excited to pour into others, the way others have poured into me.  Leading a Christian Round Table will be another part of my life that God has called me to do. I enjoyed stepping out of the four walls we can place around ourselves.  Come join me for a time of growth, encouragement, and reflection on balancing our daily lives as Entrepreneurs and Leaders in our Community.  Reach your Godly calling as we come together to discuss the topic of Leadership, and challenges in an ever-evolving world.

Meetings are on the Last Monday of each month from 12:00pm-:1:30pm

 Hope to see you there.