The Pulse of our Business Today

April 22, 2021

Acknowledging the hardships of the past 12 months, business leaders must continue to evaluate the health of their companies.  And it is always a good time to take the pulse of your organizations.  Our April Round Tables shared thoughts and strategies for success into the future.   For your convenience, notes from the chapter meetings have been recorded below for your review. 

Key ideas and solutions shared by our Round Tables:

  • Do you see yourself as a Victim or a Victor?  The forces are the forces.  The dark force appears to be winning but the greater force is within us and we really do serve the highest power in the universe.  People are still starved for union of like-minded faith-based people.  Find comfort and support in your local CBRT Round Table!
  • From the Birmingham Round Table:  Use the new solutions along with the old ways of doing things. 
  • From the Global Round Table, some current challenges that are not purely Covid-related:  Talent loss (employees looking for work while at home), supply chain issues, pent-up demand that is difficult to address (due to talent and supply chain issues).  Solutions:  Companies must get the message to employees that they are missing out by not being in the office.  Have faith and be flexible.  Learn to adapt to the current situations.  Businesses must have an operational shift and will need to develop a hybrid approach.  Allow employees to work a few days from home and a few days in the office.  Employees will have the flexibility they desire while still being part of the team.  This approach will free us office resources to expand business without additional infrastructure costs.
  • Do we know others who are struggling? How are we supporting them? Startup businesses need to be patient.  Existing businesses who have been able to be flexible are able to stay afloat.  Mindset is important.  Share encouraging stories. One business known to an attendee became a Covid testing facility because they had excess lab space.  Do you know Agriculture workers who are struggling?  They face so many variables every year (weather, fuel costs, market fluctuations, organic or not, risk-taking, etc.)—Any time we think we’ve got it tough, their stories can be inspiring.  Decisions always need to be made. 
  • Passion keeps us going—to weather the storm, to come up with creative solutions, “to get through no matter what.”  It is the basis of the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • What are you “pivoting” to?  Have a clear forward focus.  Continually assess the situation.
  • What are you seeing in the next 12 months?  Some are seeing release in pent up demand and pre-pandemic growth continuing.  The businesses that service the entertainment and hospitality industries may not be seeing this positive trend.   Some of our customers are “too busy to talk to you.” 
  • Our minds are busy and anxiety remains—continued fear of the unknown. 
  • Businesses must decide if they will ask employees to get the vaccine.
  • From the Kalamazoo Tuesday Group:  What was the business looking like pre-Covid?  The pandemic moved people into businesses decisions (closing, retirement, etc.) they were already considering.  Look at it as an opportunity to make a change (new vendors, time to consider and reflect on business needs—what’s working and what’s not.)  Great leaders use this pause wisely.
  • Many businesses embracing the virtual—maintaining these virtual venues for connecting workers on vacation, travelling, etc. and providing presentations for those in other geographic locations. 
  • Many employers realizing some of their employees can work well from home.  This opportunity may not have been possible without the pandemic response.

Other ideas & resources: 

  • Always looking forward:  from the Kalamazoo Friday Round Table—1. Vision 2. Strategy 3. Plan. 4. Execution.
  • Did you experience Easter messages that apply to your businesses:  We can reflect on suffering, letting go of the old, fresh starts, forgiveness.  As leaders, we need to share this attitude.

Our Round Tables are beginning to return to in-person meetings!  Get the latest information on next month’s venues on our website.  Options will include hybrid, in-person only or online only.  

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