Work/Life Balance

May 11, 2023

This month our Round Tables discussed “Work/Life Balance.”  We asked ourselves questions such as, “What does self-care mean for a Christian?” and, “What are the three areas of personal well-being that you are attending to the best: physical, mental, social (marriage, children, family, friends), or spiritual?”  Each Round Table discussion is unique with a different approach to the topic.

What does self-care mean for a Christian?

One Round Table member said, “There is absolutely a difference between self-care for a Christian versus a non-Christian.  We have something non-believers do not have, the gift of rest and the gift of wisdom from the Lord. Being able to be quiet before the Lord allows us to balance ourselves.”

We have the resources of the Holy Spirit when we maintain our relationship with God, there is a renewal that is available to us.  Many do not take advantage of the resources God provides us.  Scripture always speaks of the Christian life being in the body of Christ.

One member realized that God was saying, “Hey, slow down.”   He had a very hectic weekend including the opportunity to assist with a baptism.  During this event, he realized his schedule was overwhelming but paused to realize this moment was a gift from God.


Strive to be a blessing to others to reduce your stress.  Peace belongs to those whose mind is focused on Christ.

One business leader is very intentional with her time.  She does her devotionals in the morning.  It’s important to keep things in place as God designed them.  God first, then family, and then business.  She blocks time for family, business, and quiet time.  If not, the time will get filled.

Block off time for high-payoff activities.  It is an illusion that we don’t have control of our schedule.  We have the choice to say yes or no.  One member had two major projects today and scheduled time in 3-hour blocks to accomplish them.  This process of intentionality is helpful, but it requires discipline.

On the other side of the coin.  Time is fixed, but we can control how much we focus during the time we are given.  There are a lot of different ways to improve that focus, such as exercising and eating healthy, and focusing on your spiritual life.

In your day, certain tasks must happen.  For example, a hairdresser must accommodate a customer that is in her salon for a haircut.  She must cut their hair the moment they are there.  However, she can do the paperwork associated with the haircut at another time.  Define the activities that must happen now and the ones that don’t have to happen immediately that you can push to later after family time.

Sitting on the couch or perusing the phone, your mind is busy.  It is not rest.  When you are constantly using your mind, you are not getting mental rest or spiritual rest.  Those concepts are not understood or are ignored today.

Quick tips from our members

We need people to encourage us, hold us accountable, and walk alongside us.  Many leaders do not have those relationships that are critical to self-care and well-being.

Members offer those who help keep them accountable with self-care:

  1. Spouse
  2. One member shared that his small group at church provides accountability.
  3. One individual has a business consultant with whom he has accountability each week.
  4. One gentleman shared that he has a group of fellow business leaders who keep each other accountable.

Find ways to integrate your self-care into your daily activities:

  1. Use time with your spouse to engage in physical activity.
  2. Engage in wellness activities with your children.
  3. Participate in social activities with co-workers to build healthy relationships.

Find a tool you can use:

  1. One member uses the “Wheel of Life” which has spokes for each area of self-care to use in evaluating his life balance.
  2. One person uses a personal journal to reflect on his well-being.
  3. One gentleman created a personalized checklist of well-being issues and goals to review regularly.

Upcoming Events

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