The Expedition: Long-Term Leadership, 30 Days at a Time”

July 22, 2021

Our July, 2021 topic was, “The Expedition: Long-Term Leadership, 30 Days at a Time.”  Our focus this month was on our vision for the year broken down into bite-sized plans for the month.

We have the answers!  Below are the solutions to common business problems discussed in the Round Tables in July.


Have a vision for your business?  When you do, then use the “multiplier of three” or “what other three people can you infect with your excitement.”  Infect people with enthusiasm for your vision.  Ask yourself, what three people can I contact today to infect with enthusiasm for your vision. 

Suggestion for those looking to or struggling to increase staff:  Draw an organizational chart as you expect your organization to look in July 2022.  Before you identify specific people, identify the title, define the job function, and even write a job description.  Then, fill with those who have the needed and necessary skills.

Having a down day? 

  • Act your way out of the doldrums.  
  • Call someone who loves or respects you to let them re-infect you with enthusiasm. 
  • Focus on helping others.  Ask yourself how can I help others who are struggling.  For example, one RT member offered a refresher course free of charge to previous clients, along with six of their friends.  This act of helping others cost for a month but brought in clients at less cost than advertising.
  • Create and keep a ‘miracle log’ to help focus on how God is active in your business and life.

It is important to believe your hard work will pay off and expect your business to grow.  

A mantra for you and your staff:  See it/Own it/Solve It/Execute it.  It is about organizational accountability.  See It, Own It, Solve It Do It Applying the Oz Principle to Transfer Processes and Accountability (

Difficulties with work life balance or other issues?  Be thankful for what is working for you and turn your difficulties over to God.  We know this but often need reminders. 

Kalamazoo Groups:

As leaders, we need to be inspired and enthusiastic about our vision in order to expect our staff to be excited. 

How to inspire enthusiasm to achieve more than they believe they are capable of:

  • Show/demonstrate your confidence in them
  • Accountability is important but also is reward for a job well done.
  • Learn to communicate in a way that will be received best however, each employee is different.  “Get the job done,” is not an effective way to communicate with most employees.
  • Do not do their job for your employees as this communicates that you do not have confidence in their abilities. 

It is important to remember that we are a woven human tapestry, part of God’s vision.

Adaptability is key to executing your plan/vision, while repeating the vision message consistently.

Sharing ideas at all levels gives leaders valuable input.

Grand Rapids:

We need to bring other members of the organization along with us in seeing the vision, committing to accomplish the vision, and engaging in the implementation of the plan to achieve the vision.

Commit to translating the vision into a specific thirty-day plan.

It is important to maintain a healthy work life/personal life balance while pursuing the vision.


Processes and timelines must be introduced with a positive focus and spin.  Timelines must be reasonable so that people will buy in as well.

Multiplication is a great term and focuses on God as the multiplier.  We need to reframe the conversation to get the negative out of people’s thought process.  This can help get avoid depression.

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