Achieving Ultimate Commitment with your Leadership Team (Part 1)

February 21, 2017

In this two-part topic, we are taking an in-depth look at how we can achieve “ultimate commitment” with our leadership teams.  True commitment is not possible if employees do not understand our company’s purpose, vision, and goals. In February and March we are striving to better understand these vital pieces of our businesses by looking at 5 Questions that Change Everything. These questions help us to communicate the importance of our company’s purpose, vision, and goals to our teams and help them connect and commit to a mission, not just a “job”.

  1. If we (as a business/organization) no longer existed, what difference would it make?
  2. What are we called to do
    • What is the purpose of our company?
    • What is our vision & mission?
  3. What are our core competencies?
    • What are we the best at?
    • Are the thing we are best at in line with our vision and mission?
  4. Where are the gaps?
    • Where are the gaps of people that aren’t being reached that need our services?
  5. So now what do we do?
    • What is our strategic plan to get there?
    • How can we get there without changing the foundation of our organization?

  1. If we (as a business/organization) no longer existed, what difference would it make?
  • Less amount of Quality in the Industry
  • Clients would have to find a new supplier
  • No money
  • Impact of “Me vs. Company”
  • Retail has a quick changing client base
  • There is an impact but it is short lasting
  • Ecclesiastical – “we’re all but vapor in the wind”
  • The closer we get to people, the more we can share the truth
  • Non-profits
  • There aren’t usually a lot of others that can step in and take over
  • Lasting impact
  • People would miss the services because it leaves a clear void
  • Businesses will come and go – will it leave a legacy?
  • We hope if we weren’t here it would make a difference
  • The way we value, respect, dignify, and love people helps give them purpose and meaning to know they are in a safe place
  • We want to do work that is fair and equitable that provides the highest level of quality
  1. What are we called to do?
  • Two of the greatest moments of our life: The day we are born and the day we realize why
  • What is the purpose of our company? What is our vision & mission?
    • To help keep people safe
    • To help people
    • To serve people
    • To help keep other businesses strong
    • To do the right thing and stand behind our work
    • To come alongside people and share our experiences
    • The point of why we’re here is to serve others
    • “You are the light of the world – let your good works be the light of the Father”
    • Carry on the passion to others
    • Our business may not need to exist, it adds value to lives
    • We’re called to:
      • Guide businesses with Christian perspectives
      • Chaplaincy = the ministry of presence
      • God made us all unique and gave us all different experiences
      • Have the ability to prove that we’re better than other organizations/competitors
      • Create a family atmosphere and give a sense of worth & belonging & provide a way to connect with Christ
    • We can get into a routine & forget why we do what we do
    • People drive/come from all over to see passion (restaurants/theater/performing arts, etc.) & we need to re-discover why we do what we do on a daily basis
    • Ask yourself who can I help today?
    • Ask yourself who am I and whose am I?
    • Us personally – where would people be without your service?
      • Walk alongside others w/ the walk of Jesus
      • Be intentional
      • Always spend time with people
    • Simplify life/business for others
    • Lower stress for others
    • Mission/Vision – not just on the wall.  Being excited about it and getting everyone on board.
    • Opportunities, leverage and expertise
    • Make a profit
    • Provide the best solutions
    • Best at relationships
  1. What are core competencies?
  • What are we best at?
    • Challenge and growing in alignment
    • Identifying strengths
    • Relationships – consulting
    • Marketing
    • Identifying specific needs
    • Services
    • Engineering
  • What should you be best at?
    • Knowing your customers’ needs
    • Know your core values
    • How we get where we need to be


  • Develop focus, assessments, core values
  • Provide the best solutions for our clients
  • Disruptive transparencies to find saving
  • Access people/relationships
  • Review local marketing and sales
  • TQM program Total Quality Management
  • Consistency in holding people accountable
  • Ownership
  • Results you can measure
  • Mentor Sales
  • Accountability

 Take Away

  • Results you can measure
  • Accountability empowers
  • Continued improvement
  • Keep the Vision/Mission in front of employees – talk about it
  • Achieve consistency

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