December Discussion…plus creative solutions!

December 23, 2020

For our December Round Table meetings, we continued the open discussion on the topic of “What’s Your Biggest Challenge?” For your convenience, notes from the chapter meetings have been recorded below for you to review.  In our Round Table virtual format, groups shared current challenges in the business environment that are arising out of the ongoing pandemic.  Several Round Tables combined for December, to create new dynamics for conversation and fresh connections.

Frequently mentioned challenges:

Starting new businesses in a pandemic environment.

Motivation issues with staff that may not be putting in full effort in remote settings, not caring about rules, regardless of that impact on others in the company.  How do you keep employees from getting “safety fatigued?”  “If it’s on your walls, it must be in your halls” slogan—live the rules your company is preaching and make sure staff knows you are adhering.

Questioning of leadership in our organizations, political leadership.

Making time for the important things—our teams are working from home with kids that are working on school at home, impacting everyone’s time management. How do we take care of our families and get the work done?  Chaos may be the new reality—how do we operate in this?  Take it a day at a time and make a schedule that works for today.

Some industries are struggling with finding and keeping staff due to changing state mandates.

As leaders, how do we deal with work that’s not being completed?  We need to be accommodating and empathetic, while still keeping our companies afloat.  Openly ask employees to identify and share roadblocks and challenges so we can pick up the slack for each other and be aware of tasks that may not be getting handled.

One leader had a suicide in his organization two months ago.  This has changed his mindset to encourage others to “lighten up” and keep morale up.  How do leaders recognize mental health issues in the workplace?  How do leaders make sure these are addressed?

We are all tired.   Tied of creating new plans and strategies, tired of the required flexibility. 

Creative Ideas & Solution Suggestions:

Draw strength from each other, pray together and for each other (Round Table connections, family, friends, other believers).  We need to come together even stronger to deal with these challenges.

Rely on core values:  We are driven by a higher power.

Change your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to.”

Make a phone call, send a handwritten note—unexpected communication can be very impactful.

Adapting to lockdowns and the current environment:  Don’t be obsessed with fear and doubt.  Upskill yourself to make sure you stay on top of business needs. Call someone every day. Pull out your contact list and work with the people you know. Get people around you excited—its contagious. 

Celebrate wins together with your teams.

Teach calming techniques.

Own what you are working on and welcome debate in a n organization to bring in fresh ideas.  Have the courage to stand up for what you believe in, even if it doesn’t withstand the conversation. 

Into 2021:

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