Growing the Next Generation of Leaders

April 26, 2022

Our Round Table topic for April was “Growing the Next Generation of Leaders.”  Our RT members discussed strategies on hiring and evaluating their employees, developing leaders in their companies as well as retaining staff.  Thinking about joining a Round Table?  See our website for our listing of local and virtual Round Tables!

One RT member’s team spends 20% of their time mentoring.  When one division of his company focused on mentoring their employees, it brought forth tremendous individual growth.  It has been so successful; they are rolling out this process to another division. 

One business leader from our Rochester Round Table has noticed that the more time he spends developing leaders, the easier things become for him.  It lessens the burden at the top.

Ask yourself, “What am I doing to grow as a leader to ensure I do not stagnate?’  Your efforts to grow your own skills sets an example for those you are teaching. 

All-Times Zones

One leader has implemented a Train Up or Train Out process:  As new employees are being trained, they are also being assessed as to whether the employee has the ability, or desire to be successful in their current or future role.  It’s important to think about the issue of training employees ‘out’ before more time and resources are spent on this individual.  Your business may not be the place for them.

One Round Table leader implemented the follow procedures for a new process:

  1. Employee 1 creates a new process.  The process and procedures are documented step by step.
  2. Employee 2 is trained on the new process by Employee 1 utilizing the process and procedures documentation.
  3. Employee 2 updates or creates a new process and procedures document, and trains Employee 3 using the updated documentation.
  4. Employee 3 updates or creates a new process and procedures document.  At this point, the process is well documented, and three employees are trained on the new process.

How Do I Want To Be Coached?

One RT member has implemented two questionnaires for their employees.  One asks, ‘How Do I Want to be Coached?’  And the other is ‘Where Do I Want my Career to Go?’  Answers are required to be in writing as people are more truthful when they answer in writing.  One question asks the employee, ‘what is your hot button issues?’  These documents can be referenced when issues arise to aid in understanding your employee response. 

One example:  An employee was upset over a decision.  Our RT member referred to the ‘How Do I Want to be Coached’ document and learned one of the employee’s hot button issues is not being listened to when over-riding his recommendations.  He takes pride in what he does, and he does everything for a reason, so he gets upset when a decision is dismissed without a chance to explain his rationale.

A leader may want to complete these documents for themselves as well to further understand their ‘hot buttons.’

Kalamazoo Round Table

Business owners need to be open to the idea of preparing to sell their business, even if it is 10 years in the future.  A high number of businesses close their doors without buyers as they did not prepare for the eventual necessity to sell.

Businesses must have processes in place to ensure a business has value when ready to sell.  A company that relies on the strength and personality of the owner will have difficulty selling the business.

Good leaders do not treat everyone exactly the same.  Give employees what they need based on their skill sets or business style.

The job of a leader is to be a “Boulder Remover.”  Help your employees get their work done and make things happen.

The Global Round Table discussed different options or benefits offered to employees to attract top talent.            

  • One large company is offering to cover the cost to train as an electrician in exchange for a commitment to work for the company for four years. 
  • Another company offers an employee, who values travel, the freedom and flexibility to work from any location around the world.  This individual is a rockstar employee.

The Global Round Table members offered a method on how to avoid hiring those who oversell their skills and underdeliver on performance once hired.  As part of the interview process, have the potential employee, in writing, explain their role in a successful project or result.  People are more honest when writing down their roles in a success endeavor.

How do we grow leaders?  Businesses must have a regimented program to include mentoring and career path development.  You must invest in employees even though it will not guarantee they will remain with your company.  Without this effort you will not be able to compete.

How to grow a leader?

  1. Be clear about what you are looking for in a leader.
  2. Give them the freedom and opportunity to practice.

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