How Recession-Proof Your Business

August 19, 2022

Our August topic was, “How to Recession-Proof your Business.”  Many Round Tables discussed increasing productivity to offset the rise in costs as they cannot always pass these on to customers.  There was a focus on improving the personal performance of each employee as they are a key part of the input/output equation of productivity.

Personal Performance:

We always talk of productivity and output.  Consider enhanced wellness programs to boost the quality of the inputs and increase the personal performance of your employees. 

-One member of the Round Table is on a “sleep task force,” as part of his company’s extensive wellness program.  Many employees are sleep deprived and drained of energy by noon each day.  The employee may still be at work, but their performance ability is diminished.

-Consider how you are taking care of yourself.  Are you getting 8 hours of sleep?   Are you working out each week?  Technology exists that can help you track your fitness and wellness goals.  Realize as a leader, you are setting an example for others.

-Provide wellness tools to get the most out of your employees.  Put them in a place to win.  Let them know that their energy, spirit, and integrity is valued.  As an employer, you are buying not just your employee’s productivity during their working hours but all of them.

-Understand the performance of the individual is affected by all that happens at home as well.

-We are all ordinary people trying to live an extraordinary life.  Ordinary habits bring about an extraordinary life.

Focus on the virtues:  Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Faith, Hope, Charity

Have faith.  Continually seek the Lord for wisdom as His wisdom will be the reinforcement needed for the challenges ahead.

When we go through a recession, we can reflect on our beliefs.  The buck only goes so far, Christ goes all the way.  Focusing on Christ ultimately is good for business.

Keep virtues as a focus in our lives as we wade thru this recession and as we are required to make certain business moves that are prudent.

Late deliveries, business issues can be upsetting and may cause you to react in ways you may regret.  If we are expected to love our enemies, how then are we expected to treat our colleagues, vendors, and suppliers?

In General:
Be pro-active with the challenges now.  Consider helping your clients, customers, and vendors address their issues, and all will be better off in the end.

Use your influence as a Christian business leader to impact and uplift the people around you.

Do not participate in this recession.  It is a method of control from political and economic forces.

Advice from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale – “Live in day tight compartments – 24 hours at a time.”

Business efforts require steady, positive pursuit to gain traction and be successful.   Connect with people of “like mind.”

We all have a point A- where we are, and a point B- where we are going, and there are always obstacles in between.  We will make a choice to address these challenges in an optimistic or pessimistic way.  No matter the obstacles, continue to reach for point B.

Consider training, mentoring and empowering individuals in your company who are driven.

Upcoming Events

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