January Theme: Goals & Plans for 2021

January 23, 2021

For our January Round Table meetings, participants joined an open discussion on the topic of “Goals & Plans for 2021.”  For your convenience, notes from the chapter meetings have been recorded below for you to review.  In our Round Table virtual format, groups shared how the unprecedented challenges in 2020 are impacting planning for 2021.

In January, CBRT also introduced The Global Round Table, a permanently virtual group designed to be joined by participants in any geographic location. 

How are our Round Tables planning for 2021?

From Birmingham Round Table:  Leaders may be seeking clarity at this time, as they create a top-down environment of calm and intentional direction.  Focus on small goals and alternate solutions, to give a sense of accomplishment. Alternately, consider the legacy goals—focus on the legacy plan if that makes more sense for your organization.

If your workload has lightened due to the pandemic, capitalize on the opportunity that open calendar creates.  Learn how to manage an updated team.  Be present for God.  Pause and reflect—reprioritize what is really important.  Suggestion:  use the Benedictine model to reflect every three hours.  Don’t stress out about those things you cannot control.  Make sure your foundation is strong and build on that.

Fear is rooted in uncertainty.  The Bible tells us that we are God’s children.  Evil is not prevailing; it only seems that way when Christians take a backseat.

From the Global Round Table:  Remember what you learned during a previous hard time.  If you survived before, you can do it again!  Consider where God wants you to join him right now.  Listen, give of your time, money.  We may not be comfortable right now, but slow down and be thankful for specific things.  Daily reflect on 25 things that impacted your heart.

Leaders, reassure your people. Be the light. Jesus came to serve.  How will you serve?

Where does God want you right now? He is our only Truth. Use your listening skills to develop the trust of your team—especially if your team is growing.  Seek first to understand, regardless of the position of the speaker.  Then quietly execute God’s will.

More suggestions:

Jay Ott, Chairman of the Grand Rapids Thursday Round Table reminds us of 1 Chronicles 12:32—a tale of tumultuous times and crisis in leadership, plus a reminder that God will inspire our minds and spirits to understand today’s challenges and discern God’s new vision for our organizations and our leadership.

Jack Kelly and his Lansing Round Table discussed the December Gallop poll showing those positive mental health changes in those who attended church weekly.  An article in the Daily Caller describes those results.  

Other ideas: 

Be a force of good in the community.

Stay positive and grow.

Try to relieve anxiety and stress within your team and in the community.

Our first Leadership Event in 2021 will be a Global Webinar on Friday, February 26 at 7:30am.  See the Events Page to register.  If you are unable to attend, subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can review all past event presentations.

Due to ongoing Michigan pandemic response, our February 2021 Round Table groups will meet Virtually, via GoToMeeting.

Join us at an upcoming Round Table meeting!  RSVP to info@thebusinessrt.org to receive a meeting link.