Pieter D. Winne

January 26, 2023

Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer.
Owner of Winne Acres Convention Center.

Pieter is a US Army Ranger veteran whom served with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Lessons Learned: Set big hairy audacious goals and let nothing stop you from achieving them. After serving, he began his professional career in corporate America where he found his passion for coaching, teaching & facilitating leadership growth in others. Lessons Learned: Helping others achieve their dreams is rewarding & having an entrepreneurial spirit in a large organization is stifling. He joined the leadership team of an entrepreneurial company where he was responsible for the leadership development of the entire organization. As a part of that leadership team, he helped the organization grow from $25M in revenue to $130M in revenue over the course of 9 years. During this time Pieter coached many business owners and leadership teams who were seeking growth within their organizations. Lesson Learned: Helping business owners achieve their dreams is the most rewarding experience of his professional life. Pieter found EOS from one of the business owners he had previously helped after deciding to take his own entrepreneurial leap. He discovered that EOS was the complete systematic approach that he had been seeking to give back to others.

Pieter is a dynamic and passionate facilitator that embraces the “help first” mentality that every EOS Implementer believes in.