The Dramatic Need for Nurturing the Soul of Business Leaders

November 17, 2021

Consider joining a CBRT Round Table!  CBRT is here to help you nurture your soul, while creating energy and excitement for your walk with Jesus in your personal and business life.

The discussions at our Round Tables:
Our souls can be nurtured just by knowing there is a path forward—a path God has planned for us.  We have a responsibility to reach out to touch one another soul to soul and share the hope we know through Jesus. 

Remember Proverbs 3:5-6.  Ask yourself, am I trusting the Lord during this time?  We are to cast our cares upon him because he cares for us.  I am not alone, and I will not be abandoned.  He has promised that he will lead us through these difficult things if we lean on Him.

Make a path forward knowing we are not alone.  We receive comfort from God, a vertical relationship, but we can also receive comfort from other leaders in our Round Table, a horizontal relationship.

Recognize that we are stuck in the chaos that surrounds us and we need healing.  Focus on your relationships to heal yourself and those around you so they can, in turn, help heal others.  Create a ripple effect.

The surrounding chaos is a distraction and causing us to be stuck.  If we are holding on, and constantly talking about the distractions, it causes us to be stuck.  The conversation needs to change to how the world can be different.  We need to deal with real solutions to real problems.

Get coaching.  Coaches offer hope and encouragement and assists in moving your business forward. 

What are you doing for yourself?  The soul cannot be restored without solitude and silence.  Take time to schedule and create a plan for a time to renew your soul.

There are many good things happening in our society, but they do not receive attention in the news.  Turn off the news and fill your mind with positive, soul enriching activities.

The door to Jesus has one knob-on our side of the door.  God is waiting on the other side for us to come to him.  He is ready to listen. 

Remember Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Remember God will not leave you wondering.  You may not be given the things you want but you will receive the things you need.

Make sure your personal operating system is fine-tuned by focusing on the seven F’s, faith, family, firm(work), fun, fit, finance and friends.

Normalize faith in business to lift yourself and those around you.  Encourage a culture of faith for good business and personal relationships.

It takes courage to practice faith in the workplace, knowing you will be under the microscope and scrutinized.  However, when you make it known that you are a Christian, you have the opportunity to intentionally share your faith and ask for grace if things get off track.

Review the CBRT Credo on our website and remember CBRT values:  Faith, Integrity, Servant Leadership, Relationships & Truth.  When we work under those ideals, we can be uplifted in our daily walk.

Though we see satanic forces at work today—distractions placed by the enemy—there are still beautiful things to see:  God’s mercy in this time.  Noise and distraction are the tools of the enemy, used to get us off the track of God.   

Remember Proverbs 14:19. Evil will bow to the good, and in the end, we win.

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