The People Aspect of the Great Reset: Leaders are Under Pressure to be Better

December 14, 2022

Our Round Tables took on a difficult topic this December, “The People Aspect of the Great Reset: Leaders are Under Pressure to be Better.”  Generally speaking, most would agree that in the last few years we have had a change in what the hiring and employment environment looks like.  It has created pressure to create an attractive culture and create purpose for their employees.

Applicable bible verse: “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds; for riches do not endure forever, and a crown is not secure for all generations.” (Proverbs 27:23-24)

Challenging Employment and Work Environments

Attracting Talent

Interview your current staff to ask them how to bring the best to our employees to lead them in a way that will meet their needs and requirements. Get their feedback on:

  1. What are their biggest obstacles?
  2. What are their needs and requirements for employment?

When completed you will have a generic list of what potential employees are looking for from their employers.  Address employee issues and use this information when advertising job openings.

Recruit continuously for all positions so you are never without a pool of talent to draw from.  Always look to replace the bottom 20% of your company.

Commitment Needed

One member was tasked to motivate a salesperson to sell who did not believe in cold calling, resulting in zero sales.  No accountability was required from the company.  Advice from the Round Table:

Questions to ask before accepting a position or project to facilitate change:

  1. Is management committed to moving from point A to point B and what is point B?
  2. Is there a clear set of steps to take to get to point B and is management willing to complete the steps required?
  3. Does management have complete confidence in the ability of the leader tasked to create change? Do they believe their ability and their systems can complete the project successfully?
  4. Do not accept the job or project without yes to questions 1-3

Carefully Select Employees

Christian leaders have to face the fact that there are more non-believers than believers.  The next generations are coming up without an understanding of God, and the Bible.  We must be careful in the selection of employees, especially at higher levels.  We must be careful whom we invite to our table.  We can no longer hire individuals on technical skills only.  Generally speaking, we need employees who are aligned with our values.

However, we also need to be careful to not have tunnel vision.  While we want employees who share our values, we also need to consider employment diversity.  What if God asks us to bring in someone with different values, to be a light to them?  Colossians reminds us that all things are made by Him, through Him, and for Him.

Spiritual Approaches

One member is unsure how many people understand the great reset.  The people he talks to all have varying beliefs and opinions of what it is.  He believes this is a political topic and has stayed away from it.  His reasons:

  1. His responsibility as a believer is to preach the gospel and get people into Heaven.
  2. As God’s soldier, he is not concerned about this world but is concerned about pleasing his master.
  3. He has a singular focus without fear and places his trust and faith in the Lord.
  4. He spends his time helping believers stay the course.

Pray as a Team

One member believes we are in an intense spiritual battle.  It is impacting our youth and the next generation.  She believes it is a call to prayer personally and corporately.  Her company has incorporated prayer into their morning huddle at her company.  She considers it a key part of leadership and helps keep our eyes focused on the Lord.

Upcoming Events!

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