Faith as a Tool in the Marketplace

February 23, 2022

Our February topic was “Faith as a Tool in the Marketplace.” Our Round Tables (RT) discussed what faith looks like in their workplace and how their faith influences their actions and behaviors in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.     

Global:  One participant told a story about a rough flight home from DC.  The plane experienced turbulence so severe it caused those sitting in the seats to hit their heads on the cabin ceiling.  The business leader noticed that an employee with him never flinched during the entire ride.  After the flight, when asked about his demeanor, the employee said that he was calm because he was watching the business leader.  Lesson:  People will not listen to what you say, they listen to what you do.  Faith, action, demonstration.

How we respond to issues matters.  People will see how we handle business differently.  We respond:

  1. According to our values
  2. From our relationship with Christ.  We understand we are to be responsible stewards of our business.

One RT member walked into the office as his employee was having a full-blown panic attack.  Without thinking, he immediately massaged his shoulders and prayed over him.  Per the RT member, it was an amazing experience and the employee’s anxiety subsided.  In addition, this RT member gave the employee a mental health day and recommended a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety. 

Our All Time Zones RT member recommends that businesses reach out to Missional Chaplains or Marketplace Chaplains or some other mental health resource now before there is a need, so you can instantly respond to a mental health issue in your workforce.  Many people are hurting. 

Try an informal approach to understand your employees, customers, and suppliers.  Talk with them and listen to their story.  The more we know about them, the better prepared we will be to assist.

Try to understand issues and problems from a customer or vendor point of view.  It may open opportunities to help a vendor or customer and in turn, help your business.

Strive to be an anchor for others.  Remain calm during difficult times.

A recommendation from our Global RT:  For employees who are not performing:  Try to understand using the “5 Why’s Root Cause Analysis Tool.”  Listen for and categorize their responses.  Try to determine if they are coming from a place of fear or faith. 

They may be coming from a place of fear:

1,  Fear of success

2,  Fear of losing their job

3,  Fear of criticism

They may be frozen with fear and unable to perform as needed.  Help them identify whether their response is coming from fear or faith.  Illustrate what their response and performance could be if they convert from fear to faith.  Help them to restore their faith in their job, in themselves, and their ability to move forward.

Create a template or a process to know and understand your employees.  Identify 3-5 managers to walk along side to gain an understanding of where they are now.  What issues and concerns are they dealing with?  Then have each manager do the same for 3-5 employees.  Eventually roll out this process to all employees.  The goal is to understand each employee and to gain their trust.  

We must have confidence in our own faith.  Be a beacon of light for others.

Employees come to a new job with energy.  As an employer you have 60-90 days to get them engaged to ensure their energy remains high.

When an employee must be fired, it is important to rely on your faith at that time.  If your faith is strong and God is real, then you do not need to worry.  God will take care of them.  It’s in God’s hands, not yours.

Firing an employee is an act of love.  The employee, for some reason, lacks the courage or clarity to understand that this position is not for them. 

One business leader suggested a daily communication with employees.  Be sure to include messages like, “We are all in this together,” etc.  Your message will resonate. 

“I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”  Martin Luther.  Remember that Faith leaks and you need to replenish and restore by spending time with the Lord. 

Currently many businesses are struggling with cash flow.  Consider weekly billing.  Each Friday, send out a bill, if it is not paid by the following Friday, stop work until the bill is paid. 

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